Monday, October 22, 2007

Try this home theater system....

If this is your first receiver, u could consider the following

The best VFM

NAD 320 BEE - stereo receiver ~ US$ 375

NAD 520 - CD player. ~ US$ 350

Monitor Audio / Axiom Speakers ??

The NAD is worth more than its money & enjoys rave reviews year over.

For top notch life-time investments which are slightly on the pricier side!

Denon AVR 4803 / 3803

Rotel 1066 / 1068


Sunfire xt

Prices ranging from US$ 5,000 - US$ 7,500. Each of these integrated amps have been universally reviewed as top notch. Definitely hear them out.


Monitor Audio




Some site that would help you decide

www.audioreview. com


www.avguide. com

www.hi-fichoice. com

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Raf M said...

Some year-ender news: Wonders of wonders, CNet's Most
agree--*shock!*--on two home theater choices (they dont belong to the same mother company, I think!), the Philips HTS3555 selling at $189 to $250, and
the $337 to $599 Panasonic SC-PT750. Both have an integrated DVD player.