Monday, November 21, 2016

Minimalist Living Vs Abundant Living

I am seeing scores of articles and books written on Minimalist Living. The one book that triggered me to write this is "The more of less" by Joshua Becker.

All books and blogs are written as though it will bring a great deal of happiness to life, or things that will facilitate happier living. I have lived as a minimalist during the 5 years in college, with all my belongings filling into one 21 inch suitcase. I have lived a life of abundance with hoards of junk. Life is the same on both these instances. I dont think life was more happier just because i was a minimalist. I think minimalism may bring a sense of relief while you transition from abundance to minimalism, similar to a "Joy" that will come to you when you transition from "Minimalism" to "abundance".

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lessons from my Decluttering Experience

I have been postponing decluttering for quite sometime. The very look at things that i wished to get rid of, was dreading.

I felt that I have paid a good amount of money to buy those, and / or I havent used them enough to recoup the money spent on it...

But then, it happened.

I donated my Red and black Lacoste T shits, that i have had for several years. After repeated machine washing and machine drying, they shrank, especially in the height...So everytime i wear, i didnt feel comfortable. But it was hard for me to throw as i lived that brand for over 20 years, and red and black are their best colors....

I also gave away Beige pants (had a fancy for that color - one was a corduroy, and another was a golf style pant).

I threw 2 'almost new' toothbrush (poh brand that i love - but i didn't use this specific model much)


1. I feel a sense of relief when i look at my wardrobe, as it contains only clothes that i can wear
2. I dont feel as bad as i thought i would feel
3. Next time, i spend money on something, i will make it more purposeful...because i know what it means to throw away now...