Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How long does love last??

I have been very busy in office since 3 weeks and i have been getting very very less time to spend with my 26 month old son. I meant the world to him till 3 weeks ago. He eyes used to emit sparkles when he sees me in the evening. I dont see them anymore. What a sad thing to happen. I hope things change.....

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Oru Kaidhiyin Diary

I saw kamal's performance in this movie and am very impressed on his make up, his posture and his dialouge delivery. Excellent delivery than Dasavatharam....

Tamil Mp3 song source

I have got a lot of new tamil mp3 song downloads from


Movies include:

Jayam Kondan

I will try to write a song review blog entry soon.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Soma taught me how to read TAMIL...

I have read Tamil before Soma introduced me to Tamil. I see a lot of people reading tamil novel. I am not sure how many of them read enjoying "small lines" within the novel. Exampe, in one of sujatha's novel, he says "Bathroom kku vilela Nariya Soap Petti Kathirundhadhu" (lot of soap boxes were waiting outside the bathroom). What a great imagination/ description from the author. Whenever i read Novels, i try to njoi such sweet lines. He is also the one who inspires me to Njoi the journey than the destination. Vaazhga Soma...

Currently i am reading Sujatha's Nila Nizhaal. I liked it when the novel refered to the village called Valadi in the novel. This is a village near Trichy from where one of my classmate came from during my ER High school days.

AR Rahman Rare Interview

Not as usual, i got up at 6 AM while the whole family was still sleeping. I wanted to listen to "VAzhga Vazhga song from Kadhal Virus. My search in raaga site didnt give any result. So i went to google. I got some youtube links and found this interview. I am so amazed how a young boy can produce music of a quality that came out in ROJA. When i listen to ARR's sakarakatti, i feel bad. How did such a great musician degrade in music? May be, the judgement of mine on sakarakatti is early, as i have listened to it only 2-3 times. But it has not attracted me much. Kuchelan sounds better.