Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Answer Needed

Can anyone tell me what can i do in winter season. Where can i travel and how do i spend my time with all the long holidays. Remember, i have a 5 month old son.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Amazing Videos

I was seeing arattai arangam that happend in pudukottai. There was one girl who does not have both the hands and she has written her 10th exam with the leg and she has got 62%. There was another girl who has polio and unable to walk and her father literally carries her to her classroom which is in second flooe. She is in 2nd year MCom and she wants to do Mphil and be a professor.

When people aew able to succeed with these kinds of constrainsts, so we have anything to complain about in life.,.....

By the way, watch these amzing videos on India. I am starting to Njoi YouTube, but i wont pay 1.4 billion dollars to buy it..What a funny thing.....All the videos in Youtube is posted by people like us and the owners get 1.4 billion dollas....waw.....the brains are really rewarded these days....

Vidoes to watch:

Jana Gana Mana by Bharatbala production (Instrumental and vocal)

Indian Traffic (You will be amazed to see this)