Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Answer Needed

Can anyone tell me what can i do in winter season. Where can i travel and how do i spend my time with all the long holidays. Remember, i have a 5 month old son.


Aruna Jayaraman said...

since you have a 5 month old son, its obvious that you should spend time indoors a lot unless you want dress yur son in astronaut suit.
What can you do indoors..

1) watch a opera, drama - Majestic theater in san antonio.
2) Christmas time so search for "symphonys" in san antonio...they are so heavenly...its like a 1 hr concert..but DIVINE(not sirutually divine, but divine) music which will not scare the kid.
3) Out of San Antonio - Go to a place where the museums are the best....washington DC....there are a WHOLE of of musuems, galleries,,al indoors...little bit of travelling out to go one one place to another...its will be memorable too...( visit galleries in san antonio and austin too )AT galary has a whole asian section decidated too )
4)Go to Florida ( check temps i am jsu guessing )...it might be warm there than most place...

Anonymous said...

There is lot of Flu going around in San Antonio. So check it out before you take him anywhere. Also see if he is eligible to take the Flu Shot. It has to be taken at a minimum of 6 months.

Do shopping, there are lot of good deals going on in Sears, Macy etc



Anonymous said...

eat well, watch good movies, US is more or less same everywhere. With a baby that young you will be more restless travelling when resources will be limited unless you plan to go to india (SHAR!!!!!!!)