Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wishes - Chinna Chinna Aasai

1. Travel across continents and eat the native food
2. Travel across the globe and see "Oh My God" type of places
3. Listen to unplugged tamil and light classical live
4. Find out the song sung by a qawali singer where he sings few lines in different styles like madras, iran and pakistan
5. Have enough money where you can spend on all you wish, without ever having to look at your bank balance
6. Experience thrilling massage that makes you go to sleep
7. Watch Ustad Ahmed and Mohd Hussain live
8. Bunjee jump from highest point (Bridge in Australia)
9. Stay in Europe for few years (France, Swiss)

Things that are better off just in dreams than in reality
1. Learning Urdu
2. Six Pack
3. Running Marathon

There is a greater joy in stumbling upon yourself that you will eventually love, than told by someone and given in platter. Let me stumble more.

My Tryst With Instant Gratification

When I find some food, that tickles my senses, I get an urge to enjoy it to the fullest. In such efforts, a few times, I have been badly hurt, physically and mentally. Sometimes, I do regret for making it as if there is "no tomorrow". When I find the food of my desire, I don’t eat it slow and steady. I take it as if a beginner swimmer takes a breath coming out of water, during swimming. I fear there will be no tomorrow to slowly enjoy or take it slow. I fear I will miss it, if I take it slow. I fear I may not get a chance again. So I try to take full advantage of the current opportunity window. I either need to develop an attribute where I don’t care for the consequence which is bad and hurts my stomach or choose to take it slow and enjoy what comes from small steps.