Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Babbling Brooks - One of my favorite instrumental music

This is an album by Vishwamohan bhatt (on Hawaian Guitar), Tarun Bhatacharya (on santoor) and Ronu Majumchar (on Flute).

Babbling Brooks - Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Ronu Majumdar & Tarun Bhattacharya /

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tamil documentary film-Vijay,Suryam Jyothika Madhavan..

A documentary film based on abolition of child labour and empowering education

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Weight Increased by 7 pounds...

I managed to maintain my weight at 148-150 pounds for almost 4-5 months. Then, i had to stop running due to foot injury. Last 2 months, i have not been running at all. No other form of physical exercise too..My eating habits are bad now, not that i eat high calorie food. I have been overeating regular food. I guess 30% over my regular diet. Breakfast has been Bagel and Creamcheese as usual. I guess Lunch and Dinner are the culprits. Dinners were normally 1 pita or 1 paratha or 2 chapati. I am eating rice (should i say overeating) for dinner. My weight now is 157. This has to be stopped. So, what can i do? For starter, i plan to eat only one packet of oatmeal for dinner, i am not sure if i can eat the oats with water, i may mix with milk to boil it. I will post after a week about my progress.

Monday, May 05, 2008

GV Prakash An Insult to AR Rahman Gene

When i first heard about GV Prakash and him being relative of ARR made me watch him close. I listened to Vellithirai movie songs with interest...I liked "Kanji Paanai Mela". Then one fine day as i tuned into Y100 FM (Country Music Channel in San antonio), i heard "Somebody Like You" by "Keith Urban" in album "tour dates". Everything, Every note is just the same..I am sure he would have told the lyrics writer to listen to this engligh song and write a lyrics for that...I am not even sure if his music troop actualaly played it or he stole the sound track as well and put on Vellithirai....Sorry, Prakash Raj...You are a Original Guy and not sure if you knew this copy. Now, i really thiink, if any of his other songs are original or shifted from others. Let me listen to Y100 more...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I have stopped Running...

I am injured on my foot after my 10 mile run n Jan 28, 2008. I developed a nerve knot on my left foot (Imagine, what happens to feet after banging it to ground 8000 times...Yes, we hit our foot to ground 800 times per mile). I didnt care for it a lot in the beginning and continued to run 50 miles in Feb and 50 Miles in March. Then in April, as the pain started to become a real PAIN, i went a met a doc. He advised me to stop running immediately as i am hurting the feet even more. He asked me to come in 4 weeks and if its still bad, he has to use knife to cut it off and leave me in crutch till it heals....Oops....Now comes the realisation....I have stopped running since 3 weeks and my pain is completely subsided and the nerve knot is slowly curing. I am putting on a Callaus Holes to give it come comfort....Even after it cures completely i may run 3-4 miles per week...not more than 1 mile at a time...SO whats happened ot me now...I am still eating the same and with no excercise, i have put on 6 pounds....I tried to stop eating bagel for 3 days and reduced 3 pounds....Lets see what future has in stire..I am thinking of doing weights and crunch,...but have not implemented it yet...Imagine, if thinking of doing excercise can reduce weight and put muscles....