Monday, February 22, 2010


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Thursday, February 18, 2010

This is me in 2005

Thats too fat Hari..You can become this, if you dont run...

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Doughnut - Mini Glazed Cruller and Holes

What you see above, can never be tasted at its best, i mean directly from this belt. Krispe Kreme sells this in wholesale to convenience Stores. By the time, it gets to the convenience stores, it gets cold and its never like the one from this belt...I waited for 30 minutes and the managed pitied me and shared one of these with me...I think and thank him all my life... Its so great, the Original Glazed has o beg for taste from this...

Ever wondered where the holes from the original Doughnuts fall off :)

These small ball of beauty are at its best, just after its tainted with the sugary glaze. You need to taste these within 10 seconds from the time it comes out from the belt....Waw, no words to describe this 50 calorie per ball (of which 25 is fat)...You can eat 24 of these, before your tongue feels getting used to it...then the diminishing marginal utility stats to play. Anyway by then you have eaten 1200 calories and 100% of Daily fat need... :) Its probably the worst doughnut after its put in its packaging tumbler...Sorry Krispy Kreme...
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Patti's wish finally fulfilled...

She wanted to hold my son before she died...This is the reality to her 20 year old dream...

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Unforgettable Person in Our Life...

There are always 2 sides to people... She has only shown her greatest side to us always...Can never forget her....Janaki Mami...

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Seems like a Old Movie Happy Family Scene...

Idhu Than Yedhartham Enbadha????

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Cant imagine this is me and eversmart Ranga

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Ad for Close Up :)

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Rishi is Bright...

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This is Rishi...

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Father's Day in San Antonio - My Son and My Dad

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Choking Hazard for Fish

I got this food clip, based on PETCO's recommendation to clip on orange wedges for my goldfish to boost their immune system and their color richness. But one of my small goldfish died because of choking, after trying to swim through the toy fish's tail hole....It got stuck in that hole, as it tried to swim through the hole from inside...

PETCO, time to wake up and start making real recommendations, if you want to call yourself as a speciality pet store, and not just an animal barber shop...

2 straight recommendations from them completely killed my Fishtank at home...

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Death of Second Fish

As you see, my second fish is also dead, thanks to PETCO's recommendation for keeping plecostomus with Goldfish.

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Monday, February 01, 2010

what givesyou the kick? Make sure, you have something always....

At every stage in out life, there is always something that gives us the kick

1. At one stage, its friends
2. At next state, its girl friemds
3. At one stage, its the recognition
4. At one stage, its the academic qualifications
5. At one stage, its the company we keep
6. Next, its the pricipals we hold on to!!!
7. At one stage, its the spirituality
8 Then its the family
9 then its the self gratification
10. Then its running, dieting, exercise
11. Then its being lethargic, getting more for less

Whatever it is,  make sure that at any point in time, you always have something that gives you the kick...Thats what makes the life a journey thats worth pursuing...