Monday, February 01, 2010

what givesyou the kick? Make sure, you have something always....

At every stage in out life, there is always something that gives us the kick

1. At one stage, its friends
2. At next state, its girl friemds
3. At one stage, its the recognition
4. At one stage, its the academic qualifications
5. At one stage, its the company we keep
6. Next, its the pricipals we hold on to!!!
7. At one stage, its the spirituality
8 Then its the family
9 then its the self gratification
10. Then its running, dieting, exercise
11. Then its being lethargic, getting more for less

Whatever it is,  make sure that at any point in time, you always have something that gives you the kick...Thats what makes the life a journey thats worth pursuing...

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