Monday, August 27, 2007

Then Vs Now

Compare Me....
These are 2 photos of me taken on 2 different days.. The first one was taken on March 27, 2006 and the second one was taken on August 27, 2007. Gap of 1 year and 5 months...

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One of our memorable photo

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Kavitha creating Record

Going to Gym has been a difficult task. Motivation to go to Gym was partly created by seeing half the movie at home and seeing the second half in gym, that way, running 2 miles a day was quite easy. Now taking the motivation to next level, Kavitha ran in the morning and in the evening....for the first time, hoping to continue the trend in the coming days :-)

Going to New york and Niagara

Hi folks, i am leaving to new york and niagara on Aug 30, 2007 for 4 days...Travel Tips Welcome...

Motivated by Lance Armstrong

I have been running with nike+ shoes with the nike+ipod kit for the last 5 days. I used to run a maximum of 2 miles in gym 3-4 months ago. After coming back from india in June end, my motivation to go to gym reduced and then my excitement on nike + ipod grew. So i decided to buy one. With that, today i ran my first 5 miles...actually 5.4 miles....

Our bike hand crafted with pleasure

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Clarity to come soon

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Sai Narain and inspiring team creating village BPO

I had a 2 year senior by name sai narain. He joined Citibank just after college (MBA) like 10 others in his batch. I am inspired that he has left his job and started sai seva, a rural BPO. Its client include Royal Sundaram insurance, HDFC etc. His logic is that villagers who have got education should not be forced to migrate to cities leaving their families. They should remain in village and help parents in all ways and also work in accordance to their education. There are business reasons as well....Cost per seat is less and attrition will be almost negligible compared to cities.