Monday, August 18, 2014

Waiting to die...

These days everyone is in so much of hurry, they want everything in nan instant. They don't like to wait in cafeteria to get their food or in line to pay for their produce. I wonder with this kind if mental make up how will they "wait to die" as the life slowly deteriorates

You are 80. Kids are away from you. Same as grand and great grand kids. You are solely losing eye sight and are lonely at home. You are bored to your tears. Slowly the days passby. One more day. Everything is almost same and boring. Waiting by the window to see if someone would come by. Manage to get to a cafe just to catch up conversation with someone. Anyone. When there is no home, when you know there is no U turn, you can never get younger, vibrant, closer to people, closer to love, closer to excitement, closer to life. What would you do.

When you prayed for a good life all along, there would come a day when you pray to die.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My weight chart

Enrolled in gym

Last evening I enrolled in LA fitness gym. It's 2:50 am and I can't wait till it's 5:00 am so I can start to gym:)