Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My second proposal to Client has received positive response

I have been giving various proposals over last 2-3 years to the clients. However, this is the first time it clicked and this is a major deal that i am proud to be part of. Kavitha is happy that i am professional in what i do.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sucess is delicious. Price is tongue

I am seeing highly successful peple in high rankings sitting in office till midnight. Then I started thinking and came up with the quote you see in the subject line

Friday, March 20, 2009

Show me the next whiskey bar

Thanks to Aarthy, i found this music

A Promise is a promise - Ratan Tata tells the world with his $2000 car "Nano"

Its so funny that Nano name was being rotated during the launch of the car. When you see it rotating, you read "Na No"..Na in hindi meaning "No" and again "No" in english. When it turns during rotation, you read "on on" meaning, the car is a reality. I dont know if anyone noticed this or made it this way intentionally.

I dont see the marketing charm in Ratan Tata, as i see in Steve Jobs. But i was mersmerised when you started talking about the price and also considering that the car has 50 Miles per gallon (Remember my car gives 25 miles per gallon). The car was one man dream 4 years back that set the price to be $2000 or Indian Rupee 100,000. People speculated that the car may sell for double that promised price considering input cost increase and increased safety and emission standards. But Ratan Tata said "The Price of the car is Rs.100,000 ($2000). A Promise is a Promise and thats what we would like to leave with you". I almost cried. If god is anywhere, he must give this man, another 100 years to live and give him another target. Target to do something so crucial that will provide peace to humanity. When he sets his eyes on something, he does it. Long Live Ratan

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Anniversary Gift

We got this beautifully carved king and queen set on our anniversary...probably i should aptly call them Emperor and Empress, considering their origin. This ivory piece is astonishing...

It is not fair to block corporate bonuses

It is ofcourse not fair to block corporate bonuses for companies like AIG and Citi and other huge loss making companies.

Let us say that a company has made a loss of $100 Billion for the year and the company is handing out 200 Million in bonuses to high ranking executives. There is nothing wrong in that because, had it not been for those executives, the companies would have made $200 Billion dollar losses. If giving those $200 million in bonuses is not fair, then what justifies government giving tax money in the form of loan to the extent of $100 Billion dollars in terms of revival loans or some other fancy names.

If you decide not to support bad companies and bad executives, the let the companies die.

Now having taken these public money, what if these companies, just have fun and not show results. What is the perks for the top execs to perform now? If you set a trend that bonuses cant be given to these companies, what prevents the highly talented execs to stick onto the bad companies... They will leave the company and join some other performing companies and get salary and bonuses and some not so intelligent characters will become CEOs of these Government funded companies.

reliving ears

My ears have obtained a second life with Bose ear phones. I am thrilled to hear arr with Bose. Long live arr and Bose

Saturday, March 14, 2009

2 new toys

kavitha got me these 2 new toys...

Monday, March 02, 2009

Triglycerides is GOD

I have almost stopped my consistent running since almost a year, i should say. To aggravate, i have started eating like crazy, as if there is no tomorrow. The amount of rice, oil, butter, bagel and cream cheese i had was all time high. Imagine this without supplementing any form of exercise....My Triglyceride level skyrocketed....to almost 300.

I saw this result last Monday and since then i have been running almost 2.5 miles everyday....Today is 8th day and there has been no break...I have stopped going to Bagel Shop. I have made my eating moderate, though not completely stopped overeating. But i am getting there...

When i was in Doctor's office this time, i noticed a man who looked like he was in his 50s...When he gave his date of birth during blood test, i was astonished, as his age was 72. I met him later and asked him the secret to his health and he said "My wife takes care of it". This statement is very true. "Listen to your wife. She can save you"

My ipod kit is not working, looks like it has run out of battery, so i need to get a new one...Once i get it, i will have the graphs running on the blog again.

My New Companion

After a long time, my dream has come true...More later on how it is keeping me busy....