Monday, March 02, 2009

Triglycerides is GOD

I have almost stopped my consistent running since almost a year, i should say. To aggravate, i have started eating like crazy, as if there is no tomorrow. The amount of rice, oil, butter, bagel and cream cheese i had was all time high. Imagine this without supplementing any form of exercise....My Triglyceride level almost 300.

I saw this result last Monday and since then i have been running almost 2.5 miles everyday....Today is 8th day and there has been no break...I have stopped going to Bagel Shop. I have made my eating moderate, though not completely stopped overeating. But i am getting there...

When i was in Doctor's office this time, i noticed a man who looked like he was in his 50s...When he gave his date of birth during blood test, i was astonished, as his age was 72. I met him later and asked him the secret to his health and he said "My wife takes care of it". This statement is very true. "Listen to your wife. She can save you"

My ipod kit is not working, looks like it has run out of battery, so i need to get a new one...Once i get it, i will have the graphs running on the blog again.

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