Friday, March 20, 2009

A Promise is a promise - Ratan Tata tells the world with his $2000 car "Nano"

Its so funny that Nano name was being rotated during the launch of the car. When you see it rotating, you read "Na No"..Na in hindi meaning "No" and again "No" in english. When it turns during rotation, you read "on on" meaning, the car is a reality. I dont know if anyone noticed this or made it this way intentionally.

I dont see the marketing charm in Ratan Tata, as i see in Steve Jobs. But i was mersmerised when you started talking about the price and also considering that the car has 50 Miles per gallon (Remember my car gives 25 miles per gallon). The car was one man dream 4 years back that set the price to be $2000 or Indian Rupee 100,000. People speculated that the car may sell for double that promised price considering input cost increase and increased safety and emission standards. But Ratan Tata said "The Price of the car is Rs.100,000 ($2000). A Promise is a Promise and thats what we would like to leave with you". I almost cried. If god is anywhere, he must give this man, another 100 years to live and give him another target. Target to do something so crucial that will provide peace to humanity. When he sets his eyes on something, he does it. Long Live Ratan

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