Friday, September 29, 2006

Hoston Trip

Houston trip was our first trip as a family. It was a wonderful experience with our little boy. We decided that our son will get a dress from Babies R Us if he behaves nicely during the trip. As per the promise , we have to buy the gift for him.

It took almost two hrs to pack everything for the trip. Car was full with all baggages. we stayed in Marriott hotel and it was very nice. Next day we went to meenakshi temple, galleria mall , swaminarayan temple. Morning bfast we ate in meenakshi temple , lunch at taco bell and dinner at balaji bhavan.

We ate masal dosa, pani puri, samosa channa and sambar rice. Our token no was 14. Hari went to the counter atleast 15 times to check whether the food is ready or not. We ate as if we never had indian food for years. Next day for lunch we went to mayuri andra hotel. It was a very nice lunch. Bread pudding and mysore bonda were excellent and so tasty. Hari filled his stomach only with these items. He said after 8 yrs he tasted a very nice bread pudding. First time he tasted the bread pudding in hyderabad.

After lunch we went to tiffiny & co, cartier and baby gap shops. We stopped our car in the parking place and were happily chating with AC on. It was 5PM and we decided to start to galveston , hari started the car and it didnt work. Battery was fully down. we called the simon security people to assist us and after 1 hr the person came and recharged the battery.

The travelling time to galveston was 1 hr. Around 7PM we reached the east beach and enjoyed the beach for 2 hrs. Rishi was fully cover with mittens, sock and head cap. We bundle him with thermal blanket and sat in the beach.

The beach was ok but we can't compare it with our marina beach in chennai. Hari wanted to stay in a sea facing room in the sea shore. We enquired the rate in holiday inn, ramada etc... Finally decided to stay in holiday inn resort.

It was a very lovely view of the sea from the room. We enjoyed the beach and the waves nicely. Morning we checked out and went to moody gardens.

Aquarium was the best in moody gardens. We saw Sponge Bob 4D film for 5 minutes. It was fun. Since the hotel in the moody gardens was closed on monday, we ate nachos and pizza in the corner shop.

Hari saw comet ride film and i saw mars ride film. We both went separately because we can't take the baby with us to see the ride film.

After finishing all the shows, we enjoyed in the bay area of moody gardens for 1 hr. We started to san antonio at 6.30PM and reached at 12 AM.

Rishi didnt like to be in the car seat during the journey and as a punishment i was holding him in hand continuously till we reached home

Monday, September 18, 2006

Thursday, September 07, 2006

My first tummy time play

Monday, September 04, 2006

Nenjil Nindravai...

After a long time, kavitha decided to take new dresses from inside the suitcase and put it on rishi. This is the Tigger dress we bought for him from walmart.