Monday, November 21, 2016

Minimalist Living Vs Abundant Living

I am seeing scores of articles and books written on Minimalist Living. The one book that triggered me to write this is "The more of less" by Joshua Becker.

All books and blogs are written as though it will bring a great deal of happiness to life, or things that will facilitate happier living. I have lived as a minimalist during the 5 years in college, with all my belongings filling into one 21 inch suitcase. I have lived a life of abundance with hoards of junk. Life is the same on both these instances. I dont think life was more happier just because i was a minimalist. I think minimalism may bring a sense of relief while you transition from abundance to minimalism, similar to a "Joy" that will come to you when you transition from "Minimalism" to "abundance".

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lessons from my Decluttering Experience

I have been postponing decluttering for quite sometime. The very look at things that i wished to get rid of, was dreading.

I felt that I have paid a good amount of money to buy those, and / or I havent used them enough to recoup the money spent on it...

But then, it happened.

I donated my Red and black Lacoste T shits, that i have had for several years. After repeated machine washing and machine drying, they shrank, especially in the height...So everytime i wear, i didnt feel comfortable. But it was hard for me to throw as i lived that brand for over 20 years, and red and black are their best colors....

I also gave away Beige pants (had a fancy for that color - one was a corduroy, and another was a golf style pant).

I threw 2 'almost new' toothbrush (poh brand that i love - but i didn't use this specific model much)


1. I feel a sense of relief when i look at my wardrobe, as it contains only clothes that i can wear
2. I dont feel as bad as i thought i would feel
3. Next time, i spend money on something, i will make it more purposeful...because i know what it means to throw away now...

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Lessons from Weight Loss Exercise

1. Reasons don't matter. If you eat, you will gain weight.
2. Type of food doesn't matter. Even if you eat healthy food, you will gain weight
3. Don't take kids or family out to eat. It's impossible to control your urge when they are eating, so make sure they eat at home, so you can starve or eat light.
4. Many days of hard work of starving, can be crumbled by 2 days of excited eating, so dont.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Waiting to die...

These days everyone is in so much of hurry, they want everything in nan instant. They don't like to wait in cafeteria to get their food or in line to pay for their produce. I wonder with this kind if mental make up how will they "wait to die" as the life slowly deteriorates

You are 80. Kids are away from you. Same as grand and great grand kids. You are solely losing eye sight and are lonely at home. You are bored to your tears. Slowly the days passby. One more day. Everything is almost same and boring. Waiting by the window to see if someone would come by. Manage to get to a cafe just to catch up conversation with someone. Anyone. When there is no home, when you know there is no U turn, you can never get younger, vibrant, closer to people, closer to love, closer to excitement, closer to life. What would you do.

When you prayed for a good life all along, there would come a day when you pray to die.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My weight chart

Enrolled in gym

Last evening I enrolled in LA fitness gym. It's 2:50 am and I can't wait till it's 5:00 am so I can start to gym:)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wishes - Chinna Chinna Aasai

1. Travel across continents and eat the native food
2. Travel across the globe and see "Oh My God" type of places
3. Listen to unplugged tamil and light classical live
4. Find out the song sung by a qawali singer where he sings few lines in different styles like madras, iran and pakistan
5. Have enough money where you can spend on all you wish, without ever having to look at your bank balance
6. Experience thrilling massage that makes you go to sleep
7. Watch Ustad Ahmed and Mohd Hussain live
8. Bunjee jump from highest point (Bridge in Australia)
9. Stay in Europe for few years (France, Swiss)

Things that are better off just in dreams than in reality
1. Learning Urdu
2. Six Pack
3. Running Marathon

There is a greater joy in stumbling upon yourself that you will eventually love, than told by someone and given in platter. Let me stumble more.

My Tryst With Instant Gratification

When I find some food, that tickles my senses, I get an urge to enjoy it to the fullest. In such efforts, a few times, I have been badly hurt, physically and mentally. Sometimes, I do regret for making it as if there is "no tomorrow". When I find the food of my desire, I don’t eat it slow and steady. I take it as if a beginner swimmer takes a breath coming out of water, during swimming. I fear there will be no tomorrow to slowly enjoy or take it slow. I fear I will miss it, if I take it slow. I fear I may not get a chance again. So I try to take full advantage of the current opportunity window. I either need to develop an attribute where I don’t care for the consequence which is bad and hurts my stomach or choose to take it slow and enjoy what comes from small steps.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mayabazar - Asal Asal Aai / Perilla Rajyathe Rajakumari - Bodyguard

Its very rare to listen to a song and feel "Man, the who married this singer must be very lucky"

Best Places to eat in Chennai

1. Venpongal near LIC Building (forget the name of the hotel)- This is a delicious pongal you can have, if you liked the road side pongal that used to be served in late 90s near thousand light area road side shops. This pongal is little liquidy....

2. Dahi Poori in Nandhinee Sweets near T Nagar Bus Stand

3. Lemon Tea in Club House Road - Lal shop...This is a street cart, that sevrves hot lemon tea...

4. Panneer Payasam in Madharas Cafe  - This is in the basement of Ispahani Center in Nungambakkam High Road

5. Fruit Mix - A roadside shop near pazhavanthangal subway. In many places, the fruit mix would have some spoilt fruit. But this place is awesome...You can try Badam Fruitmix as well...This shop is also called Newspaper shop.

6. Varutha Kadalai (Roasted Peanut) in Broadway bus stop (the shop display would say xxxx Fried Grams - dont remember the name): This shop is inside the bus stop, and he would give you this for even Rs.5. Anytime in the day, these peanuts are hot, and you would remember eating such things when you were a kid growing up in 80s and the street vendor walking down your street making and selling this on the go. These peanuts on put on tava, along with river bed soil and made hot to make it crisp...