Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Tryst With Instant Gratification

When I find some food, that tickles my senses, I get an urge to enjoy it to the fullest. In such efforts, a few times, I have been badly hurt, physically and mentally. Sometimes, I do regret for making it as if there is "no tomorrow". When I find the food of my desire, I don’t eat it slow and steady. I take it as if a beginner swimmer takes a breath coming out of water, during swimming. I fear there will be no tomorrow to slowly enjoy or take it slow. I fear I will miss it, if I take it slow. I fear I may not get a chance again. So I try to take full advantage of the current opportunity window. I either need to develop an attribute where I don’t care for the consequence which is bad and hurts my stomach or choose to take it slow and enjoy what comes from small steps.

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