Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am an inventor in a Patent

I co-invented a Mortgage Affordability calculator. The company is filing a patent application today for this calculator. What a nice feeling....

My New Job

I got into a new profile in my existing job...People in my profile are called Marketing Analyst...What a name....Ok, the flashy name for the department is "Marketing Intelligence and Business Analytics" It sounds very professional. After doing typist (oops...Business Analyst) job for over 3 years, i have come a calculator job. What a great career boost. 26 keys to 10 keys...

Who reads my blog anyway....

Off late, i have not been receiving any comments for my blog. So i was thinking not many of my friends read it or even open it. 2 days back, i posted my birthday photo and suddenly i see 2 visitors posting their comments...1. Tarun.... and 2. Jadayampalayam Rajesh...I was wondering how did rajesh come to blog on this specific day...may be he is checking it.....Also Tarun....thanks for checking guys and wishing me...OK, i should stop it, it looks more like Orkut to me now...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Hari!

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Family flower

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My weekend with my college friends

This is the mail that my friend Anand sent about the get together

Had a gala time last weekend. Globe trotter prabhu landed in houston from Cancun on saturday morning . We drove down to San antonio and reached pudu's home on saturday afternoon. Had sumptuous lunch made by kavita which included payasam also. Went to the space needle and river walk in the evening. Then pudu and kavitha opened the world of mexican food to us. was really good and enjoyed the food. thanks to bill gates and his thoodhu .... who else but prabhu for sponsoring the dinner. then we went home to drop the ladies and the 3 gentleman went to the sin clubs for some time. On the way back we it was really good to listen to kannadasan songs and spoke to soma for a brief .

next day morning , kavitha's dosa and krispy creams donuts made our stomach's to explode and the grand finale ended with cinnamon rolls and thayir sadam and maavadu oorga for lunch.

we were teasing that Rishi will beat pudu to shame with all his manmada leelas after some time.

i could see a new hari , taking care of Rishi changing his diapers , giving him food , making him sleep etc .But i could also see that he was waiting for an opportunity to come out and hang out with me and prabhu on saturday night. koozhukum aasai and meesaikum aasai is there in every one of us.

that is the update on last weekends majaa in San Antonio.

thanks to pudu and kavitha and kavitha's mother to excellent hospitality shown to us.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My New Analytics Blog

I have started writing a new blog on analytics. Thinking about numbers have always given me a lot of joy. My journey continues with this blog.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Customer Lifetime Value

The concept of customer lifetime value is in existance since 90s. In simple terms, it means the total sum of profit a customer brings to the company in present value terms. If the cost of aquiring the customer is more than the customer life time value, then the company should not be acquiring the customer. Sounds familiar?? Yes, this is the same ceoncept used in investment decisions since 1000s of years.

I wonder why Wamu is sending me bulky mailer with checks every month, when i have never used them and i have not used their credit card much.Instead of spending that $5 on me every month, they should be spending on someone else.