Sunday, July 16, 2006

My Night on July 15 2006

I shaved my head again at home to be neat. Following Jim, i have started to keep french beard. I am seeing a lot of google videos and am very impressed with a wave surfing video. Today i downloaded 20 songs of Ustad Ahmed and Mohd Hussain, my favirote Ghazal singers from Its a paid site, but they give a free trial of 20 songs and after downloading this, i cancelled my subscription. Posted by Picasa

Where i shop

I go to CVS Pharmacy a lot. The reasons are

1. I get discount coupons atleast once a month, where if i buy for $15, i get $3 off
2, I have got 20 free digital photo prints
3. I get 2% cashback on non pharmacy items
4. Milk is cheaper compared to walmart ($3.19 against $3.84)

If you have a baby

If you have a new born baby, the following are must and very handy

1. Diaper changing mat
2.Diaper Disposal Bags - Plastic covers to put soiled / wet diapers
3. Dress that has a front opening, that can be tied (this is available in india, this is made of cotton and is very light)

Friday, July 14, 2006

My Mottai

I put mottai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the second time in my life. It is fun before putting and not so after putting. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 10, 2006

My son and me

On the day of my son's birth i noticed that i have a lot of hair fall. I decided to cut my hair,but all my relatived told that i should not do as it is not a good omen. But then, i looked at it more from a practical aspect. If the hair gets into baby mouth, i didnt know what would happen.

I spoke to the peditrician and she asked me to take it cool and see after some time. My relatives also agreed that i can shave my head after the punyajanam. So i went today to walmart to shave my head. I told them clearly that i want my head shaved. She agreed, but then she used 0 size clipper and she removed hair and i still had a good amount of stub. I asked her to shave and she said that they are not barbers, but beauticians and hence cant use rasors. I tried to show my displeasure to them and told that i have to go to another shop to perfect this. I did this thinking that they will not charge me. Again when i came to the billing section, i asked her to reduce the price, as i had to go to another shop. The lady asked the manager and the manager got irritated with me and she said, "call 911 and place a complaint". I got so scared, i pushed the credit card in their hand and told them not to call police and said "take money". Then i ran from there and came home. Though i was very angry with the manager, i appreciated her decision to call police. Thats the only way to put me in place and let them do their business.

What a lesson. I should have gone to my usual shop "headclips". I went to walmart thinking that it will be 3$ cheap. But they also charged the same price.