Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lessons from my Decluttering Experience

I have been postponing decluttering for quite sometime. The very look at things that i wished to get rid of, was dreading.

I felt that I have paid a good amount of money to buy those, and / or I havent used them enough to recoup the money spent on it...

But then, it happened.

I donated my Red and black Lacoste T shits, that i have had for several years. After repeated machine washing and machine drying, they shrank, especially in the height...So everytime i wear, i didnt feel comfortable. But it was hard for me to throw as i lived that brand for over 20 years, and red and black are their best colors....

I also gave away Beige pants (had a fancy for that color - one was a corduroy, and another was a golf style pant).

I threw 2 'almost new' toothbrush (poh brand that i love - but i didn't use this specific model much)


1. I feel a sense of relief when i look at my wardrobe, as it contains only clothes that i can wear
2. I dont feel as bad as i thought i would feel
3. Next time, i spend money on something, i will make it more purposeful...because i know what it means to throw away now...

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