Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Weight Increased by 7 pounds...

I managed to maintain my weight at 148-150 pounds for almost 4-5 months. Then, i had to stop running due to foot injury. Last 2 months, i have not been running at all. No other form of physical exercise too..My eating habits are bad now, not that i eat high calorie food. I have been overeating regular food. I guess 30% over my regular diet. Breakfast has been Bagel and Creamcheese as usual. I guess Lunch and Dinner are the culprits. Dinners were normally 1 pita or 1 paratha or 2 chapati. I am eating rice (should i say overeating) for dinner. My weight now is 157. This has to be stopped. So, what can i do? For starter, i plan to eat only one packet of oatmeal for dinner, i am not sure if i can eat the oats with water, i may mix with milk to boil it. I will post after a week about my progress.

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