Sunday, October 28, 2007

Laughter is the best medicine

These are true life incidents of one of my Classmate....

Soft ware chap: Sir if we need to migrate the data to
a new software we may need to develop around 1000

administrator: No way i will agree to it. We are
already in a tight budget situation and how can we buy
1000 tables. Each will cost us around 6000/- bucks.

This happend in a meeting attended by some big wigs

Second episode:

my boss: how are you going to take the doucment to

Me: Sir i have stored it in my email and will acess it

Boss: why do you want to carry this computer
(referring to my desptop) all the way to Bangalore
just for 1 day.

This happend in the college:

Controller: why Mr.Renju that many computers are not
on today.

Renju: Sir virus has infected

Controller: Please instruct all the boys to wear socks
and gloves from today and I dont want any body getting
affected by these viruses.

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