Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Focus on making money Vs Focus on spending money

With all the stock market bull run and increase in property prices by multiple folds, my friends are seriously discussing on when to buy, what to buy and how to make a lot of money. I am seeing that they spend all their energy on how to make more and more money. I am yet to come across people who focus on how to spend the money in the most enjoyable way. Having seen them for over 10 years in my life, i do not see any great shift in their life style to be in line with their affordability and richness. They still drive their 5 year old car (not a high end model), they still live in normal houses, they still eat the same kind of food, they still slog 12 hours a day in work,their minds are still preoccupied with work during weekends, they still fight, they still feel depressed, they still dont travel as much they can afford to, .... and the list goes on and on. Can someone start talking about how to live life with all the money earned....

some of my thoughts (may not be apt for everyone as each has their priority)

1. Good massage every week
2. Good attire and personal grooming
3. Hitech gadgets at home
4. Good Vacation every year(Tahiti,my dream place now)
5. Cruises every year
6. Visit new place every quarter

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TARUN said...

What you say is 100 % correct