Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"satisfaction" is a state of mind

i am thinking about this line that my friend mentioned.

Another friend narrates his story:

satisfaction is very personal. beleive me some time back i was in
bangalore trying to locate a pizza hut and i was sort of frustrated as
i could not locate it and i was adament about having a 250 bucks of
pizza. while hunting for it i just went to a shop near by to find out
about the Pizza hut. In that shop I saw 2 school kids (may be) buying
chikki . Man after they bought it they were so happy. By their looks
they seem not to be doing financially well, but seeing thier happiness
with what we call "Just a chikki" really killed me and forget Tag Huer
or wht ever we are talking or geox. That day i realised satisfaction is
based on our circumstances and how we are placed in life and it will
keep changing.

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