Sunday, June 25, 2006

What makes me happy and sad

What makes me or has made me happy:

1. When i see a movie that i wanted to see for a long time
2 When i get something i have been dreaming to get
3. When i do some analytics work in office
4. When my analytics work get a recognition
5. When i hear to someone play a musical instrument
6. When i get into a mood and play veena / santoor or guitar
7. When i go through Barnes and Nobles
8. When i trek in western ghats
9. When Farouk Irani (Managing Director a company where i worked) appreciates me for my work
10. Walk with Soma in Marina Beach, Chennai (talking about music / movies / economics / life)
11. Stying with Pan in a single room in malleswaram
12. Eating nice foods (refer to my food post)
13. Company of Rajesh Nair

(People who read this, please remind me if i have missed something. I am writing it at 3.01 AM, i am half asleep and fully tired)

What gives me or has given me momentary joy:
1. When i read wikipedia
2. When i see a english movie and like a song and i get it from internet and save and play it
3. When my treadmill shows that i have run 2 miles
4. When i look at my life's success (Pudukottai to Puttaparthy to San Antonio / 9th halfyearly fail to MFM Gold medal)
5. When i sit in balcony and have cereal with Kavitha

What makes me sad:
1. When i have to go through something other than what i planned for.
2. When someone shakes my basic beliefs.
3. When i have to sit in office after office hours even when there is no work (doesnt happen often)


Anonymous said...

boy u have a lot of time even after becoming a dad

Anonymous said...

i note that i am not there in any of this

Anonymous said...

Farouk has been a great influence - irrespective of all his idiosyncracies