Thursday, June 22, 2006

If i could go back...

We always would want to do things a bit differently or tread a different path, if we had the option to go back. Some such thoughts:

1. I would have rented a decent house and lived a little more comfortably during my days in Vijayawada, Bangalore and Chennai during 1999-2003
2. I would have bought a bike in 1996 and roamed the city nicely
3. I would have travelled to Kerala more
4. I would have trekked more
5. I would have gone to a foreign / nicer location for honeymoon
6. I would have bought a car and plusly furnished home as soon as i landed in US

What i would not like to change
1. I would still work for the same companies (This is my 5th company)
2. I would still study B.Com and MFM
3. I would still study in same schools

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