Sunday, June 25, 2006

Moments of thrill - Part 2

Snake Searching

I studied in puttaparthy from 91-96 and that place has a lot of snakes. I used to see snakes in hostel, play ground, college campus and on the streets.

One day, i went to the mountain side seeking adventure and in the process of walking, i grew tired and went to rest on a bolder. There were thich bush around the bolder and i could see small canal little close by.

As i was seeing the water, i saw a snake head in the water coming towards me. I couldnt figure out if that was a snake or some other water being. When that came to the land, i figured it was a big snake. It was very close to me and what seperated me and the snake was the bush. The snake kept coming towards me and at one point i could no longer see the snake.

I was so tensed. I was afraid to jump from the bolder and get out because the snake could be anywhere in the bush and i could land right on its head if i try to jump out of that place. I would not tell you if i was seating because of the fear or because of the sun.

Suddenly, i saw the snake in the bush and was looking at me. This was a stroke of luck. So, on seeing the snake, i jumped and sprinted on the opposite side and reached hostel. After that day, i never seeked any adventure with snake.


Soma said...

hari, do you remember the almost 12 feet long cobra that passed throught wall beside the new block in the hostel, this happened when we were in third year UG. Students rushed from one window to the next to see that. THat remains the longest snake I have ever seen...
Sundar Iyer was famous for catching snakes. Do you know - kattuviriyan poison is deadlier than cobra's.

Kavitha and Hari said...


i do remember that. Can i claim i was the first to see that/...or was it praneeth reddy (he is famous for seeing and catching other snakes). heard about katuveriyan poison. I saw another snake inside our basement english class room. This was a cobra and was cornered,i think this was killed eventually. I remember seeing another snake coming out of a tube (i think its a electric tube) outside the institute's generator room.