Monday, June 19, 2006

Diet and Exercise

I like eating and overeating. I like to experiment new food and new hotels. I like to eat as much as possible. I dont see if the food is fat. I dont care if the food is healthy. I dont see if the food is expensive. All that i am interested in is the experiment. My jouney on this experiment resulted increased weight over a period of time.

I have always been an indoor person. Though there have been quite a few opportunities to excercise my body, i have promptly ignored them and continued to rest my body. The Result: Public Friendly Humiliation.

Year: 1999
Location: Hyderabad
Laughed at by: Tejassvi (Collegue)

Year: 1999
Location: Pudukottai
Laughed at by: Sathya or Ammu, i dont remember (Relative)

Reason for Insult: Bloated body (Added 10 kilos to my body)

I took it to my heart and did 1 thing. I stopped overeating. I had 2 glasses of juice for my breakfast (banana shake on most days :)); Plate meals from Ramayya mess for lunch and salad for my dinner. I continued this for 6 months and reduced from 85 kgs to 70 kgs.

Most of my collegues felt this drastic change in my body and adviced me to eat normally. I forgot when i started regaining my weight. In 2003, i was back to 85 kgs and i oscillated between 82 to 88 kgs. I would have instant inspiration and instant motivation and start doing some diet when i reach the 88 kg mark. After dropping to 82 or 85, i will again regain.

Year: 2005
Location: San Antonio
Adviced by: Ramaprasad (ex collegue and a good friend)
Advice: Money and Honey and US is all good. But beyond 40, only health matters. Nothing else really matters.

Though this gave a new perspective to my life and inspired me to crash diet once in a while, i never seriouslly lost any weight over a long term.

Year: 2006
Location: San Antonio
Laughed at by: Doctor

Doctor adviced me that its high time that i do something to my weight. I took it so seriously. I started crash dieting and over did excercise. I enrolled in Gym and ran at 6 miles per hour, but only for 1 minute.

Kavitha adviced me one thing: If i have to see effect on a long term, then i should stop acting as if i have to reduce weight tomorrow. She adviced me on how to run (start with 5 mph for 5 minutes, then increase to 5.5 mph for 5 min and then to 6 mph for last 5 minutes). It took almost a month to do this, but i did this. I started running 2 miles consistently. Running 2 miles, never overeating and less rice for lunch and 3 chaapatis for dinner helped me. I ate only 4 dosas, 4 idlis, 3 Adas. From 188 pounds (Jan 1, 2006), i am down to 157 now (June 19, 2006) .

For some reason or other, i lost my consistancy to Gym going. I go 3-4 times a week from 5-6 times. I have difficulty in running 2 miles. I met with another friend (Mr Sunshine) who lost almost 40 pounds. He adviced me to start building muscle which has a long term gain than focussing more on near term weight loss (achieved through running).

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