Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why can't we listen to other's advice

Are we built in such a way that we cant take any advice from others. I have been getting advices many times during my life time...Such advices includes:

1. Run (1991-1996)
2. Dont drink Fanta and such carbonated drinks (1996-2004)
3. Dont drink diet sodas (since 2008...)
4. Dont over eat (Since 2008...)

If only i heard these advices, i would be more fit and healthy.

When i see anyone over eating or if i see someone who does not give enough importance to studies, i feel like advising them. I get so tempted to advice them. But how can i expect them to listen to my advice, when i myself cant listen to other's advice, that i know is very much good for me..

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