Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Living with Plantar fasciitis

I stopped running completely since april 2008 after i had injured my foot after a 10 mile run in Jan 2008. Its almost 9 months now. I still have the pain when i apply pressure to the pain spot on my foot. My podiatrist adviced me to wear New Balance with Sole insole for running, asked me to perform strectching exercise of my planter fascia and told me that i am better than most people who cant even walk due to the heavy pain associated with Plantar fasciitis.

Coming back to the main story, i stopped running since April 2008. After the first 4 months, the pain completely disappeared. But when i ran 2 miles once, my pain reemerged. So,i had to stop again. Podiatrist adviced that i take it slow and i did. I walked for a mile or two once a month. But then, i still had the pain. My leg is always demanding complete rest. However, my taste buds are not. As i am addicted to good, tast food and over eating i started putting on weight. Increased from 148 pounds to 160 pounds gradually. So, now, i have decided that i will run, after if i continue to have Plantar fasciitis. I will be in close consultation with my podiatrist and monitor my foot constantly, so i dont miss medical oversight.

Come on...
If i can have diabetes and still eat bagel everyday, I should RUN everyday even though i have Plantar fasciitis.

Happy Running...I have put my iPod and Nike+ kit to work. Watch for graphs soon on this blog.

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