Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sole Ultra Softec Review

My Podiatrist prescribed me an arch support from either PowerStep or Sole. I tried Power Step for a week and then moved over to Sole. Initially, i thought Sole is not a great brand, till i saw the product manual and their website.

Imagine, you putting your sole into oven preheated to 200 degrees and keeping inside for 2 minutes for it to mold into your foorshape when you put them on. I was amazed at the video that they have posted on their site.

The insole costs $49 from New Balance Store in San antonio. On the Sole website, it is available for $44. I am putting this insole into New Balance 1224 Shoes. I can feel the arch support on my left foot which is a flat foot. My right foot has proper arch naturally. So even though i wear this insole, it hardly makes any difference. You need to buy this expensive insole only if you have a flat foot and you run atleast 2-3 miles a day or if your Podiatrist prescribes it. My Podiatrist is Dr Richard Bellacosa from San Antonio Podiatry. I like his treatment style. He uses a digital recorder during the visit and talks into the recorder about my problems and his prescribed solution.

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