Thursday, September 27, 2007

To Move or Not to move

I am in a big dilemma whether to move from my current apartment "Parkhill" to "Whispering Creek Villas". I have tried to put plus and minus of the moves. Please enlighten me on what needs to be done

Parkhill Plus

1. Familiarity
2. Shade in the Balcony 24X7 due to trees, place is always cool and we enjoy sitting there
3. Easy access for me to run on streets (my next month target is 100 miles)
4. Its closer to office by 1 mile compared to the "Whispering Creek Villas".
5. As we are in 2nd floor, it gives a good view of the outside.

Parkhill Minus

1. The place has been used for over 5 years without anyone cleaning or painting the place and it is not neat
2. Closet is small

"Whispering Creek Villas". Plus

Neat and clean house
Bigger house compared to parkhill
Bigger and more closets (2 closets)
I can fix my HDTV on wall
I can keep a large fish tank
I can keep nice home theater system
I can make the place beautiful with new furnishings

"Whispering Creek Villas". Minus

1. Street Running is not possible, as the road does not have pavement
2. No Balcony in house and the patio faces the Sun from 12 noon till sunset, so i cant sit outside home except in morning, and even when i sit, i cant have a slider door open
3. The view in front of the house is not great, it has parking place right in front of the house
4. No storage outside the house, to keep shoe rack
5. Rent is $450 more than what i am paying now

I need to make a decision to move or not before this month end (3 more days to go). SOS.


Anonymous said...

Do it man. Move to whispering creek. U can always run in spectrum.

TARUN said...

Park Hill, Man how can you keep looking at that old hags sitting in the office

Anonymous said...

Moving is always the best option ...I never read your further blogs till now but you really seems to have did it...