Saturday, September 08, 2007

Tandem Cycle and Diving

How can you better spend a saturday than to fulfill your long cherished dream.

We picked up a tandem cycle and child trailer from Bicycle Sports shop in Austin

We rode the bike on the bike trail around barton springs. The trail is just 2 blocks away from the shop. It was a pleasure to ride. I initially thought i could put Rishi (my son) on a baby carrier and wrap him on my body. But i had to bend so much to ride the bike, that the rental agency suggested that i rent a trailer. The ride was smooth.

After finishing the ride, we returned the bike and went to Barton Springs. All 3 of us had a good time in the pool. I was made to believe from some website that the pool here is at 68 degrees always. But it was very chill. Rishi had a good time in the pool, but i could not stand inside as i started to shiver. Soon i will take him to some indoor pool and teach him swimming.

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