Monday, September 24, 2007

Addicted to Diet Coke

I am stopping diet coke for 7 days from today. Let me see if i can do it.

I have been thinking if drinking what i want is freedom or ability to stop drinking when i want is freedom. Help me understand.

Updating on Nov 2008
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I have been getting sore throat very often these days that anything cold i drink triggers the sore throat. It becomes so bad, that i am afraid to drink anything cold. So i have stopped drinking diet coke. So, if someone can sell a medicine that can trigger throat pain if you drink anything cold, then you will stop drinking soda.


Anonymous said...

did you manage to stop drinking it?
I sure cant.

Kavitha and Hari said...

I did stop for that one week. After that i didnt bother to do it again.

Anonymous said...

OMG i am drinking like 4 a day i couldn't stop believe me i've tried!!

Anonymous said...

hi i drink about 10 cans of diet coke a day and cant go a day without any dont no how you did a week omg i would die

Anonymous said...

I drink 2 2ltr bottles a day and panic if I don't have any in the house - how did you manage a week ? Think giving up smoking is easier than giving up my beloved diet coke......

Anonymous said...

omg. i used to be helplessly addicted to diet coke.

and i have successfully cut back to only 2 cans a day or a small bottle.

but believe me, it was helll. i was sick for a week, with a headache and it was horrible :/

i heart diet coke <333