Tuesday, January 06, 2009

You have not tasted Chocolate until you taste this

After coming to US, i was exposed only to snickers and butterfinger and i wondered why people are addicted to chocolate. Those were bad chocolates if you asked me. Then one day, i tasted Lindor Chocolates and i just cant stop eating them. Here are some categories for you...

Lindor Milk
The red ball (wrapped in red) is an absolute classic and the favourite choice of most people including me. Finest milk chocolate with an endlessly smooth and creamy filling.

Lindor Noir
This has 60% cocoa – a dark version of Lindor (wrapped in black) which perfectly combines the delicate, smooth melting filling with the fascinating world of dark, bitter chocolate.

Lindor Blanc
The white Lindor ball (wrapped in yellow) is a firm favourite among white chocolate fans. White chocolate with an endlessly soft, creamy white filling.

Lindor Noël
This is an exquisite Christmas recipe with a hint of cinnamon and coriander (wrapped in a cinnamon color).

Lindor Straciatella
This famous and well-loved Italian recipe is available for a short time in a limited edition.

Costco has a similar chocolate under Kirkland Signature brand.


Anonymous said...

I know! Lindt Linder Truffles are so amazing!

Anonymous said...

they are shite

Anonymous said...

I'm eating Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles right now! I LOVE them!!!!