Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Music Blogs

I was in a mood for music and i went to my blog archives tagged for music. When i realised that poornima has removed from music blog site, i felt sad for a bit. I googled to get her blog, if she shifted to wordpress or some such thing, but i failed.

In this process, i landed on this goldmine. Its after a long long time, that i had goosebumps for continuous 7 minutes seeing this piece of music...Its played by José Feliciano, a born blind person (i realized he was blind after listening to this piece). This is performed by JOhnny cash and Jose...

I thought kunnakudi mastered violin better than any musician has mastered any instrument....But after seeing Jose and his style, i wonder if there is any other musician as versatile as him. This is the first time, i have seen, that a player is making music by tuning his string...Watch this to understand what i am saying....

Source: UNTIL NOW in http://flopearedmule.blogspot.com/

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