Friday, February 08, 2008

Precor Commercial Treadmill for Home

Kavitha and I liked the Precor C954 treadmill at our Spectrum healthclub. Though there were many treadmills available with better features like inbuilt fan and more programs, the Precor C954 treadmill was amazing. The Ground effects technology that Precor uses is so good that one would not feel any pressure on the joints. Its also easier to run faster on this treadmill than any other treadmill. So when we decided to buy a treadmill for our home, this was the first choice. When i enquired with Precor, i realised thhat this treadmill costs $7500. That was surely not the investment i was willing to make. Then, i slowly realised that the number of this treadmill at Spectrum kept decreasing and that had me worried. What if they remove everything from there? WHere will i run? SO i went and asked the manager if they would be selling me one of the treadmill that they have been removing from this place and they said YES. So, finally, i brought home this baby for $700. Kavitha and I ran our first 2 miles today on this machine. Kavitha ran in the evening and i ran at midnight. I am tensed and awaiting news from the resident at the 2nd floor, if i disturbed them.

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Sneha said...

Congratulations for your new second baby " the Treadmill"..

well done.. go one and stay fit and healthy... Enjoy madi