Thursday, February 07, 2008

Best sleeping experience

We have been putting Rishi to sleep by putting him on to a graco swing. Even when he does not want to sleep, the constant swing action (sometimes for over 30 minutes), makes his brain go dizzy and then he eventually sleeps...All through this time, we have to sing some song in addition to the swing's automated animal sound (he likes the forest sound). Three Days back, Kavitha decided to read books to him by putting him on to the bed and then swith off the lights after 20 minutes of reading. After the lights are off, he lies on the bed and tosses and turns and goes to sleep after 30 minutes or so. He has not made any Drama till now, hope he continues to go to sleep like this.

Coming to my sleep, i lie down with him and am are of my going into the sleep state. Till date, i go to bed when i really feel sleepy and then fall asleep without knowing. But with him around me, i have to be little conscious and in that process i am realising myself going to sleep and this is a wonderful experience. I can slowly feel my feet getting warm and my body getting real cosy. The feeling at this time is so great that i have started to love it. Its real joy to be conscious of going into the unconcious state (to the sleep mode).


Aruna Jayaraman said...

is that your bed hari ? - aruna

Aruna Jayaraman said...

it looks glorious...since when did park hill started giving wodde floors? itsbeautiful anyway!.