Thursday, January 03, 2008

Quit Bagel

I have been thinking about joining a bagel deaddiction camp for quite sometime. With all odds, i am quite successful in ensuring that i get to eat my favorite bagel everyday. It has often crossed my mind that i should quit bagel, but then i question myself WHY? Though Bagel is loaded with carb and the cream cheese is loaded with fat, they are surely not more than 100% of the daily required intake. But considering that i get so much satisfaction out of that round bun with a hole, why not make that to motivate myself and reward myself.

Here goes the scheme. NO RUNNING; NO BAGEL. If my miss my running on any specific day, I should not eat bagel the following day. Nice Deal. So let me start with today. I didnt run today, so no bagel tomorrow. My breakfast could be a bean and cheese tortilla or oatmeal.

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