Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rajini Inspiring Songs : Balleilakka - what does it mean

Balleilakka from Sivaji movie is my favorite song now. I am trying to find out what is the meaning of Ballailakka. Can anyone tell me. I get new energy by listening to this song. I think there is one such inspirational, fast beat, mood pepping song in evey rajini movie offlate. I am planning to collate those songs so that i can listen to them all at once. Can you help me with such songs:

Sivaji: Balleilakka
Chandramukhi: Devuda Devuda
Padayappa: Vetri kodi kattu, malaigalai ..
Baba: Tippu kumari, shakthi kodu
Baasha: Raa Raa raa ramaiah
Muthu: Oruvan Oruvan mudhalali
Annamalai: Vanthenda paalkaran
Thalapathy: Raakamma Kayya Thatu
Manithan: Manitha Manithan


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

its russian guitar

Unknown said...

Ballelakka is Russian guitar.

Unknown said...

The meaning of Ballalakka is russian guitar................

Unknown said...

Balleilakka means Russian guitar.

Anonymous said...

its a Russian folk stringed musical instrument... :) Balalaika...!!!