Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Early Retirement

The concept of early retirement was very tempting to me at some point in time. That meant a lot of free time and freedon to do what i want to do. That meant, i need to work hard and earn fast to reach the financial goal. A few of my friends were in the same race. In fact, there was one of my friend who was passionate about this idea and planned on where he would stay, with whom he would stay, who would be his neighbours. He was also pretty good in his work, and he started earning 4-5 times compared to his classmates.

Pros to Retirement life (Cons of a work life)

1. You dont have to keep alarm to wake up. You can get up whenever your body wakes up from sleep.
2. You dont have to skip breakfast to rush to office
3. You dont have to dress yourself up, if you desire not to
4. You dont have to eat a fast lunch, just because you only have a 30 minute break between 2 meetings for your lunch
5. You can go to bookstore and browse books whenever you need to and however long you need to
6. You can see movies anytime, any shows back to back
7. You dont have to walk faster than usual just because you may be late for the 1PM meeting
8. You dont have to go in 30 miles per hour when the speed limit is 25 miles per hour inside the campus
9. You dont have to make a moving stop inside the office campus / apartment on STOP signs
10. You have all the time in the world.

Cons to retired life (Pros for work life)

1. You dont make money
2. You dont have professional challenges
3. Opportunity for new friendship is restricted

Best of Both the worlds

What if, you have a work where you dont have to go early in the day, dont have to work 8 hours, dont have to give your best each day, dont have to stress out physically or intellectually or emotionally.

What if, you are not accountable to anyone for what you do, dont have to worry for not showing upto meetings or showing up late to meetings.

What if, you are so cool, that you stop completely on all stop signs, look all the 4 sides and leisurely drive, never overtake any vehicle, change lanes just to reach destination faster,

What if, you can wait in the car to listen to the song completely after you park.

What if, you can go and workout in Gym during office hours, so that there is less rush in gym and go to movies

What if, you can just bunk one day and dont feel that you missed something in office or someone needed you badly

What if, after doing all the above, you are considered important in your work. What if, you get a good rating and good salary.

What if, you can sleep for 3 hours in the afternoon after a Sumptious meal on a work day.

What if, you lead a retirement life when you work!!!


Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to retire since I was 27. I am now 48 and hope to get out somehow, soon.

Anonymous said...

you need to be a tenured tracked faculty in a plain research institute.

Sue said...

Well, I can retire next year after 20 years of teaching but it's also a bit scary because I fear a loss of identity and status, not to mention money. My partner officially retired this year but got so bored he's doing work, bit of his own choice - he's a carpenter - again. I think you need an alternative plan to prevent these feelings. Good luck!