Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Run to work Vs Cycle to work

In africa, men run to reach their workplace. In America, men cycle to reach their workplace.

My car is under repair and my friend dropped me near the apartment entrace. INstead of walking from there, i started running towards home. Thats a 3 minute run. Then, i remembered this incidence.

During 2003, i was in south africa (Johannesburg) and i saw that people run 5-6 miles to reach their work place. In africa, most men are well built and very fit. They can run very easily for upto 10 miles without any stress or strain. I tried following one of the guy. When i look at him, his stressless face shows as if he is running very slowly. But when i tried to run with him, i got stressed out in 2 minutes. I guess it was not even 2 minutes.

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