Friday, August 11, 2006

Nike and Me

I worked in a office close to a Nike Showroom. It was the only company operated store in Bangalore, India. I used to visit the store once a month and look for good models and dream of possessing a good pair. My eyes finally landed on this model and my mind was on it. I dreamt of it for a while.

I visited south africa soon and i ended up seeing this pair on someone's foot on an escalator. I was so impressed again by this, that i followed his footsteps for a while. After 7 weeks of staying in that beautiful city of Joburg, i came back to india and went to the Nike store and purchased this pair. This is my best pair of shoes. I use it for jogging in gym and i use it in office.

Do i have a crush on any other shoe, not really. So, i may not buy a next pair of shoe for atleast 2-3 years. Posted by Picasa

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