Sunday, December 21, 2008

Relationships Defined Implicitly

I have noted that certain relationships in life are implicitly defined:

1. Father and mother loves their children unconditionally till the children get to certain age. However bad the children behave, parents tend to love them. But after certain age, say 13 or 14 years, parents expect kids to behave in the way parents want. If kids don't behave that way, they start to hate their children or act in a way that does not emit love from eyes.

These days kids at age 2-6 are known to throw tantrums and hit / kick people around to express their anger or irritation or even use bad / disrespectful words, however parents always have love on their eyes when they look at their kids, upto an age. However, if kids do any of these things after 13-14 years, parents tend to build up hatred towards their kids. I guess, God has created the world in such a way, that some relationships are implicitly defined. PARENTS SHOULD LOVE KIDS TO CERTAIN AGE.

In earlier days, there were implicit definitions for all relations. Kids should respect parents. Young generations should respect elder generation. Young people should not argue with elders even if elders are wrong.Wife should always be subdued to husbands whims and fancies. Husband can hit / scold wife and wife should not retaliate. These days, such things are no longer followed.

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