Saturday, March 22, 2008

Life Lessons of my friend...

1. i have learnt one big thing..which side of the bread to butter and which side to toast!

2. U need to be streetsmart in life to survive..

3. If u have messed up ur life, u need to fix it. God will do his bit but u need to do majority of it.

4. All the trash u learnt in classrooms is of no use in real life...not all, 95% of it

5. Yes, brand value speaks volume and easy entry in professional life (next time we need to tell our professors to stop comparing to IIMs and other ones)

6. We all are bunch of hypocrates

7. The world is full of Sambars, Mallus and Golties...u can escape death but not these 3...

8. Money is relative thing...

9. Mind, super mind, over mind...minds. ..i don't have one!

10. Females species is the most beautiful that God has created...Wish i had few in MFM

11. Porn is actually good for you

12. Names are many...form is one

13. Life is a compromise, accept it

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