Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Eggnog - The Nog part in the Name.

On the christmas day, i was fortunate in being a part of the American Family. All of us had eggnog when a inquisitive boy asked his Mom where the What the Nog in eggnog meant? I wondered why i never asked that question in particular and such questions in general. The tools that i have access to (e.g. Wiki, google) should have made me more inquisitive than ever. But I/it failed.

Coming to the point, Eggnog (or egg nog) is a sweetened dairy-based beverage made with milk, cream, sugar, beaten eggs (which gives it a frothy texture), and flavoured with ground cinnamon and nutmeg; alcoholic versions also exist with the addition of various liquors, such as rum, brandy, or whisky.

2 different NOG Story

1. The drink adopted the NOG part of its name from the word noggin, a Middle English phrase used to describe a small, wooden, carved mug used to serve alcohol in.

2. Yet another story is that the term derived from the name egg-and-grog, a common Colonial term used to describe rum. Eventually the term was shortened to egg'n'grog, then eggnog.

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